What We Like About NCL Premium All Inclusive

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Last night we were lucky enough to be invited to a press event in London. Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) announced the introduction of an innovative new ‘Premium All Inclusive’ concept on all bookings made in the UK from the 6th April 2017.

Premium All Inclusive is included fleet-wide on all booking made in the U.K. It comes as standard with any category of cabin and includes premium alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks up to the value of $15, Lavazza specialty coffee during meals, a free bottle of water per person per day in staterooms and all gratuities and service charges.

We are under no illusion that NCL will increase their prices to incorporate these benefits – we just hope that the benefits will outweigh the extra cost!

Norwegian already offers some great deals such as free drinks packages but this is taking it one step further. We love the sound of the Premium All Inclusive package and here’s why.

1 – No tipping

That’s right folks! Your tips are completely taken care of, there are no extra service charges to be paid beforehand. Tipping is not as common in Europe as it is in the US. We tend to feel more uncomfortable about it. Tips are the most common subject we get asked about and they often create the most debate.

With the introduction of Premium All Inclusive NCL has taken the stress and worry about tipping out of cruising. Sit back, relax and enjoy that cheeky cocktail safe in the knowledge the tips have already been taken care of.

2 – Easier to budget

Drinks and Tips make up the biggest chunk of our cruise bill so with NCL’s Premium All Inclusive we are better able to budget our holiday! Plus there is nothing better than a freebie!

You now don’t need to worry about a big bill at the end of your cruise.

3 – Bottled water in your room

Having bottled water in your room is a huge bonus. It brings an added convenience and comfort to your stateroom. Gone are the worries about needing a drink in the night or having to stock up on water prior to sailing. They go hand in hand with the hangover that you may have the next morning 😉 remember to keep hydrated!

As an introduction to the new package, NCL is offering up to £200 per stateroom discount off a cruise.

Norwegian Premium All Inclusive
Premium All Inclusive Package by NCL

Haven guests also won’t miss out with $100 on board credit (OBC), 250 minutes of free wifi and other perks such as speciality dining.

We love this new way of cruising and applaud NCL for listening to their European customers. NCL tell us it can save you over £1200 per booking – who doesn’t love a bargain?

‘Premium All Inclusive’ is available on all new bookings made after the 6th April 2017.

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2 thoughts on “What We Like About NCL Premium All Inclusive

  1. I had a quote for a cruise of £900 each which has now increased to £1590. The only extra that is included would appear to be gratuities!

    Think I will go elsewhere!

    1. I agree – they have put the price up and all you seem to get is bottled water, not all meals are included and not all coffees either –

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