Boarding The MSC Meraviglia

Travel Information

From Naples Station to the Port 

We took the metro and found it very easy to use. You need change to buy your ticket and it cost  €1.10 each. You take the Line 1 (Yellow Line) to Municipio station. From there is a short walk to the port.

Taxis are also available at the station. They have a set price list on the back of their seats – if they don’t, ask to see one. The price is total, not per person and luggage costs  €0.50 extra per bag. Confirm the price before getting into the Taxi, refer to the price list, written in Italian and in English and  insist on been charged the correct amount.  Don’t let them overcharge you. Tipping is not expected but a 10-15% tip is always appreciated if the driver offers a good service.

Tips for Boarding 

  • Have your documents ready with your passport open on the correct page.
  • Your passport will be checked many times while boarding, so keep it out.
  • You have to activate your cruise card once you are one the ship. You can find activation points around the atrium. This is when you add your Credit or Debit card to your account.


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